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Experience something uniquely true to the Covington's homeThe Covington Inn is one of America's few floating bed and breakfasts, buoyed and buffered as it is by the Mississippi River. Whether blanketed by snow or passed by summer's silent barges, it's riverside setting soothes and captivates. Yet the B & B permanently sits moored within the reflection of downtown St. Paul's towering skyline. The Capitol, museums, theater, fine dining and shopping wait just across the bridge. Offering a place for both a quiet getaway and the city spree, the Covington does it all.  Kids over 14 years old are welcome to stay the night. 

Experience Dichotomy
Feel Duality


The B&B

Easy Comfort

The Covington extends to all it's guests the elegant comfort once reserved aboard historic work vessels for company executives and VIPs. The boat is trimmed stem to stern in mahogany, brass and bronze. Windows and portals in the boat's tiered design draw light into each room. Sleeping quarters feature a mix of ingenious built-in cabinets with simple furnishings from the Covington's work era. Salvaged fixtures, nautical antiques and historic art provide tasteful reminders of the River and the Inn's past life.

The Service

As You Like It

The Covington and it's crew are set up to make your stay as private or sociable as you like. Beyond the privacy of the staterooms, the salon provides a comfortable gathering place. Lit with clerestory windows and furnished with fireside couches and window-front tables, the salon offers a great place for breakfasting, letter writing and browsing through the Covington's library of historic river and shipping books. Our breakfasts, cooked in the boat's galley, pamper you with just a touch of the gourmet while fueling a full-day's exploration.



The Covington Inn offers four staterooms...

River Area

We are located on the beautiful Mississippi River, just a short walk from downtown St. Paul!


Interested in hosting your wedding at the Covington Inn?

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